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Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 12:13:11 EST

Jungshik Shin wrote:

> I didn't expect 'Unicode' to be in OED II (1989), but it is.

Google search turned up more that predate Unicode(circa 1989).
<> has the

        Historical note: a library search on the name
         ``Unicode'' turns up several entries that
         predate its use for an international computer
         character set standard. These include:

             ``Unicode'': the universal telegraphic
             phrase-book, London (1889, 1896, 1901,

             Unicode: three-letter difference
             telegraphic code, Prague, Czechoslovakia
             (1956, 1967).

             UNICODE automatic coding for UNIVAC
             scientific data automation system 1103A
             or 1105, Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac
             Division (1959).

             Atle Grahl-Madsen, UNICODE 72:
             Two-letter, three-letter and numerical
             country codes, Bergen, Norway (1971,

             David L. Szekely, Unicode: ein Verfahren
             zur Optimierung der begrifflichen
             Denkleistung: eine Einfuhrung in die
             ``vereinheitlichte Wissenschaft'', Basel

             U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services,
             ``Food protection unicode'' (1988).

             Unicode single transition time coding (1976).

             Unicode state assignment techniques (1996).

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