Re: Unicode, Korean, Windows ME, and Tired Eyes

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Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 06:43:17 EST

Hello Syd,

6:30am in Atlanta on a Saturday, but I am stuck here for a few hours so I'll
take a swing at it. :-)

I'll answer one question and correct a previous answer you were given:

THE ANSWER: The only version of Windows ME that can comfortably read and
write Korean is the Korean version. HOWEVER, if you are willing to limit
yourself to a few programs (Word 2000, IE 5.5, NN 6.0, Outlook Express 5.5,
etc.) then you can download the Global IME from Microsoft and you can
read/write Korean in just those programs using that IME and the one font it

THE CORRECTION: Whoever gave you the answer about Windows 2000 was wrong.
EVERY language version of Windows 2000 can handle reading and writing in any
language supported -- you do not require just the English version or just
the Korean version or any one specific lang. -- just install the Korean IME
and start typing in any Unicode app you run! If you change the default
system locale to Korean you can even run non-Unicode Korean apps on any
other version of Windows 2000.


Michael Kaplan
Trigeminal Software, Inc.

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> Perhaps someone from Microsoft can comment on this email. Thanks. Magda.
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> Perhaps this is beyond what you are allowed to comment on according to
> policy on talking about vendors' products, but I have a computer coming to
> me in the mail with Windows ME and Office 2000 and after looking at site
> after site after site, I cannot get a definitive answer whether I will be
> able to use unicode to read and write Korean/hangul within this English
> Windows environment.
> I read some great literature around a year ago on Unicode and Windows
> recommending when one should get 1) the foreign language version (when
> foreign language apps are running, or 2) the Unicode-enabled English
> language version (when foreign font capability is all that was needed).
> I can find no such literature on Windows ME.
> Whatever you do, please ignore my email rather than send me back to the
> Windows ME web site. :-)
> With great thanks in advance from Seoul, Syd

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