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Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 05:37:34 EST

Ar 14:19 +0900 2001-01-15, scríobh SATO Takayuki:
>After busy 90 days, I have started to clean up my e-mail.
>For attached message, as far as I recall of, Someone in Information Science
>department in Hokkando-Univ. Japan has been working on this issue.
>But I do not know any beyond it. Just I saw a demonstration, and comments
>>from audience? were not positive because "movement" of the picture were so

SignWriting is used with children in Nicaragua in Deaf schools. These
children learn Nicaraguan Sign Language as their first communicative
language, and SignWriting as their first written language. They are
subsequently able to learn to read Spanish far more easily, because they
are literate in their own language. So I guess some Deaf people themselves
don't find it so unnatural....

>Japanese Sign Language uses fingerspelling of the syllabary. See
> for what it looks like.
>I need to make a font -- not a Unicode font -- that will work on an
>ordinary Japanese OS (Mac, PC, whatever) which will have no kanji in it
>whatsoever, but which will have the fingerspelling signs in positions for
>katakana and hiragana such that text written in them can be read by
>switching fonts.
>I have no idea how I should encode such a font. Help?

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