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A wonderful connection: Rick McGowan should be very pleased!!


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>According to the references I have, the prefix "uni" is directly from
>Latin while the word "code" is through French. The Indo-European would
>have been *oi-no-kau-do ("give one strike"): *kau apparently being related
>to such English words as: hew, haggle, hoe, hag, hay, hack, caudad,
>caudal, caudate, caudex, coda, codex, codicil, coward, incus, and Kovač
>(personal name: 'smith'). I will leave the exact derivations to the
>exegetes, but I like the association with "haggle" myself.

I am not in the presence of my dictionaries (being on a train from Oxford
to Slough where I am about to meet Maurice Bauhahn and John Okell to
discuss the sorting order of Khmer and Myanmar over lunch) but I believe
also related to this root *kau may be the Irish "gabhann" 'smith', found in
the name "Mac Gabhainn", anglicized as "McGowan"....

>The stress is definitely on the first syllable. One does hear some normal
>generative English variations such as ˈjunəˌkoːd. (schwa instead of

The pronuncuation ['juni:ko:d] with [i:] or [i] instead of schwa irritates
me a lot. No one would pronounce "universe" with an [i].

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