Electronic form of Labanotation / MPEG 4 BAP's

From: Dan Kolis (dank@hq.lindsayelec.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 13:31:22 EST

I know I know this is off topic, but it is so incredibly interesting to
anyone interesting in machine readable nomenclatures, I had to post it.
There is a new work under SMPTE for encoding body motion!

Daniel Biddle <deltab@osian.net> pointed us/me to the below URL. A paragraph
is here as flat text. body animation
The Body is an object capable of producing virtual body models and
animations in form of a set of 3D polygon meshes ready for rendering. Two
sets of parameters are defined for the body: Body Definition Parameter (BDP)
set, and Body Animation Parameter (BAP) set. The BDP set defines the set of
parameters to transform the default body to a customized body with its body
surface, body dimensions, and (optionally) texture. The Body Animation
Parameters (BAP)s, if correctly interpreted, will produce reasonably similar
high level results in terms of body posture and animation on different body
models, without the need to initialize or calibrate the model.

Upon construction, the Body object contains a generic virtual human body
with the default posture. This body can already be rendered. It is also
immediately capable of receiving the BAPs from the bitstream, which will
produce animation of the body. If BDPs are received, they are used to
transform the generic body into a particular body determined by the
parameters contents. Any component can be null. A null component is replaced
by the corresponding default component when the body is rendered. The
default posture is defined by standing posture. This posture is defined as
follows: the feet should point to the front direction, the two arms should
be placed on the side of the body with the palm of the hands facing inward.
This posture also implies that all BAPs have default values.


So you could cut and paste out a motion model of a person so encoded from
broadcast TV and reuse it. Man, that will be fun for homemade videogames,
faking evidence for (mis)use in court, who knows. Thanks Da that is very cool.

I know, I know its NOT unicode related!


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