Re: An unexpected sight...

From: Erland Sommarskog (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 04:46:57 EST

Michael Everson <> writes:
> It is common enough. It is more common in Sweden than it is in Germany.

I can't compare with Germany, but I wouldn't say that it's common.
I could think of it as a gimmick, but I would be inclined to say that
it is more common to use cyrillic letter shapes. (I'm using "shapes",
since they are supposed to be read as their Latin lookalikes, e.g.
"ja" should be read as R.)

> It was more common in Germany, Sweden, and Estonia earlier this century than
> it is today.

You mean that were was a fad last year? I have to confess that I missed

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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