Order of bidi script numbers in ranges

From: James E. Agenbroad (jage@loc.gov)
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 11:52:17 EST

                                        Friday, January 19, 2001
In what order are ranges of numbers such as 15-23 expressed in a bidi
context? 1. What is wanted visually, if there is one consistent
expectation? 2. Then what order should the codes be stored in Unicode for
the bidi algorithm to provide the desired visual order? My guess is that
the visually the '15' would be wanted to the right of the dash and '23'
and that this would be the desired order in a Unicode string too, but it's
only a guess. Thus the Unicode test string would contain:
1. The first string of Arabic or Hebrew characters
2. The code for '1'
3. The code for '5'
4. The code for dash
5. The code for '2'
6. The code for '3'
7. The code for remaining Arabic or Hebrew text.
Apoligies if this is obvious to everyone or explicit in 3.0. May I assume
decimal numbers such as 3.1416 and time such as 10:30 are expressed in the
order used in the West (though the punctuation may differ)? TIA.
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