Re: PDUTR #27: Unicode 3.1

From: Mike Lischke (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 04:30:08 EST

> Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Report #27: Unicode 3.1 is now
> available at
> Please take a look at it and report any problems you may find. It is
> approximately 60 pages long.

I had a quick look at it and got a question which you might be able to
answer. Windows cannot display UTF 32 characters, AFAIK Linux does not
either. So which common operating system can actually display UTF 32?

Mike Lischke
R&D Senior software engineer

PS: It seems that the that reply address in this mailing list is set to the
original author instead the list itself. This is quite useless and requires
manually edit of the target address when posting a reply. Could we please change
the settings for this list so that the list address is by default the reply
address? Thank you very much.

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