RE: anyone recognise this?

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 12:35:45 EST

Peter Constable:
> Does anybody recognise the script in the attached sample.gif?

I already tried with handwritten Devanagari (without the top bar), but an
expert on another list said that it is unlikely. I thought too it could be
Georgian, but then I was unable to match any single letter.

Several glyphs look like Gujarati letters. From left to right:

- 1st+2nd, U+0A91 (initial "e")
- 3rd, U+0AB0 ("ra")
- 4th and 9th, U+0AB5 ("va");
- 5th, U+0A96 ("kha");
- 6th U+0AB2 ("la");
- 7th U+0ABE ("aa" -- but a vertical bar can be many things!)

But I guess that "era vakhalaa?av" doesn't mean a thing in Gujarati or any
other language on hearth... :-)

_ Marco

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