RE: PDUTR #27: Unicode 3.1

From: Mike Lischke (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 14:48:17 EST

Hi Peter,

> The workings of UTF16 are well known and clearly defined on p. 45, section
> 3.7 of TUS3.0, specifically in definition D28. (Available online at

Excellent. I have recently downloaded the files but had not yet the opportunity to look through
them. Perhaps I will prefer the book, though, as soon as I have my copy...

> These are the kinds of issues Mark Davis discussed in his "Bits of Unicode"
> presentation at the last Unicode conference (IUC 17). See
> and look for session B3.

Well, I never would have come to the idea to look through the conference papers. Thank you for these
hints. Unfortunately the link does not work. But somehow I found which seems to be a good start point for
Mark's homepage :-)

Ciao, Mike

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