RE: Chemistry on chinesse. (CJK)

From: Erik Garrés (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 09:46:11 EST


Talvez tengan trazos para el nombre de los elementos (ejemplo "Oxígeno",
"Oro", etc) pero estoy seguro que no tienen trazos para la nomenclatura de
los elementos, ellos usan los mismos que nosotros, "O" para Oxígeno, "Au"
para Oro, etc.


Maybe they have strokes for the name of the element (Example "Oxygen",
"Gold", etc) but I'm sure they do not have strokes for the Symbol of the
element, they use the same as all of us: "O" for Oxygen, "Au" for Gold, etc.

Marco Cimarosti wrote :
>Erik Garrés wrote:
> > The elements of the periodical table (chemistry) are
> > missing, and they are specially needed on chinesse
> > because they don't have alphabet, so they need
> > them as a graphical representation.

>Some of these characters are quite common in modern life (e.g., "oxygen" is
>certainly written somewhere in all Chinese hospitals), so it would surprise
>me if they are not in Unicode.
>Perhaps you expected to find them collected in a special block or zone, in
>chemical order. But the names of chemical elements in Chinese are just
>normal ideographs (although most of them have been invented in modern
>times), and you find them within the CJK blocks of Unicode, in the usual
>radical-stroke order.
>Or did you compare the whole periodical table against the whole CJK blocks
>in Unicode? In this case, could you mention a few chemical elements whose
>names are missing?
>_ Marco

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