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From: David Starner (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 15:41:09 EST

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 11:02:29AM -0800, Elaine Keown wrote:
> Hello,
> What's the ConScript registry?

The ConScript registry ( is a
place where constructed/artifical scripts can be registered in a way
that they can be publicially transfered (among those who recognize the
encoding, of course.)

> Does it have a formal relationship with Unicode? Sounds like something designed to be used with the Private Use Area?

It doesn't have a formal relationship with Unicode, although it is being
done by John Cowan and Michael Everson. It is allocations of characters in
the Private Use area.

It also is a 'proof' that there won't be a huge surge of constructed
characters in Unicode if you let Klingon or Tengwar in. There is roughly
2000 characters encoded in the BMP Private-Use area, with another 6,000
in Plane 16. Even accepting them all, that would fit easily in the space
that hasn't even been tenatively allocated in Plane 1's roadmap. Cowan and Everson
have not been very picky about which scripts they included in the ConScript
registry. Of those in the registry, I would guess only 8 (Tengwar, Cirth,
Engsvanyali, Shavian, Solresol, Visible Speech, Aiha, and Klingon) have any
claim to be added to Unicode. 78 columns, less than 624 characters to be

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