Re: ConScript registry?

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 17:21:41 EST

On Tuesday, January 30, 2001, at 12:19 PM, David Starner wrote:

> Of those in the registry, I would guess only 8 (Tengwar, Cirth,
> Engsvanyali, Shavian, Solresol, Visible Speech, Aiha, and Klingon) have
> any
> claim to be added to Unicode. 78 columns, less than 624 characters to be
> added.

Don't forget Deseret, which will, in fact, be part of Unicode 3.1.

(Shavian has also been accepted by UTC for encoding; it's just that
nobody has really pushed on it so it's languished.)

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