RE: list of the characters that aren't supported by XML/WML

From: Mike Brown (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 13:40:03 EST

Bruce Maginnis wrote:
> Do you know where I could get a list of the characters
> that aren't supported by XML/WML, i.e the ones that need
> to be inserted in actual Unicode values??

The characters that are not allowed in XML documents are not allowed at
*all*, not even via character references (character references being the
Ӓ or 覫 syntax you are probably thinking of). The XML 1.0
Recommendation contains this info.

Characters that are allowed in XML documents can be either character
references, entity references (if the entities are properly declared), or
literal characters. By literal characters I mean, if you are dealing with
the document at the byte level (as when typing in an editor and saving to
disk), as long as a character is representable with whatever encoding you /
your editor are using, you can insert its byte(s) directly into the
document. Just make sure the encoding declaration in the document prolog

   - Mike
Mike J. Brown, software engineer at My XML/XSL resources: in Denver, Colorado, USA

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