Re: The normalization form of the result of a dyadic operation.

From: J M Sykes (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 05:59:36 EST


Many thanks for your thoughtful analysis. We felt, on general grounds, that
we should consider the approach in which NF is a property of the data type

I confess I dashed off the original table rather hastily, so I'm happy to
see that your ultimate preference is not all that different. However, you
have violated what I was, rightly or wrongly, regarding as a basic
principle: that the NF of the result should always be that of one of the
operands. Of course, this could hardly be said to be a matter of logic, more
the sort of thing users might expect.

I personally hope that we can follow W3C; if not, we're just going to have
to vote, but at least, with your analysis, it should be an informed vote!

Thanks again,


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