Re: extracting words

From: Jonathan Lewis (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 09:13:47 EST

> in the first grade Korean class). It would have been more appropriate
> if you had come up with an example from Japanese or Chinese where spaces
> are rarely used to separate words.

From Japanese, how about:


This could be

koko de hakimono wo nuide kudasai (take your shoes off here)


koko deha kimono wo nuide kudasai (take your clothes off here; in this case
"ha" is pronounced "wa")

Actually, this example was given at an AAMT meeting last year to show that
writing words in kanji + kana rather than just kana makes it easier for MT
software to break down strings into words accurately and therefore produce
better translations.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Lewis

Tokyo Denki University

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