re: extracting words

From: Mike Lischke (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 14:57:31 EST

> - line break (wrapping lines on the screen)
> - word break (for selection)
> - word/root extraction (for search)

I recognize that the second and third case are really difficult to handle. But for word wrapping I assume line breaking is sufficient. But when I don't have spaces to use for wrapping and/or don't know whether the actual text part uses spaces at all (what about exotic languages like Ogham or Anglo-saxon?) then how can I go to implement word wrapping? Simply do it character by character?

Ciao, Mike

PS: sorry for sending this mail first to you privately, but those unpractical list settings make me always to send to the wrong place first. It is difficult for me to get used to these strange settings. I'm answering about 50 mails per day with a simple "reply", so I simply forget all the time that I have to "reply all" (and the out-of-office bounces I get to my private mail whenever I send a message to the Unicode list don't make the task easier).

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