RE: Navigator 6 question

From: Mike Lischke (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 15:07:18 EST

> I have a few JavaScript pages for doing code charts, UTF conversion, and
> displaying Unicode glyphs. These work on IE, and on NN 4.7 (although the
> layout is not great), but someone complained that on NN 6 they don't work at
> all. Anyone have an idea what is happening? There seems to be a problem
> writing html into a frame.

The charts work fine with NN 4.6 but the other pages show a lot of question marks for missing glyphs while on IE5.5 everything is fine.

Btw: there are a few images missing on the show.html page (e.g. U092F.gif)

Ciao, Mike

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