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From: Sean O Seaghdha (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 23:17:50 EST

Ar 12 Feb 2001, ag 15:06 scríobh Michael (michka) Kaplan
fán ábhar "Re: international characters in ema":

> Well, like I said Outlook does not support this -- it will only use the
> default system code page (b.k.a. CP_ACP) for subject lines and any other
> part of the header.

Ar 12 Feb 2001, ag 15:46 scríobh Jungshik Shin
fán ábhar "[OT]RE: international characters in":

> On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Raghu Kolluru wrote:

> > My email client is outlook which does support international character
> > sets. I can send/recieve non-ascii encoded body but not the subject line.
> BTW, MS OE doesn't support it while Mozilla does support it.

This is simply not true! I know we all like to bash MS from time to time,
but people really get far too carried away. I don't know if the above is
true about Outlook (as my installation is stuffed as far as e-mail goes), but
it is NOT TRUE about Outlook Express. OE encodes the subject line with the
same encoding as the body and often (?) the From header as well.

Whether or not this works for you would probably depend on what OS you are
using and what language features are installed. It works for me with OE
5.50.4133.2400 on Windows NT 4.0 SP5.

Of course, since my preferred mail program is Pegasus Mail, which can only be
configured for one character set, I can't usually read such headers anyway.

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