RE: New BMP characters (was Re: [very OT] Documentation: beyon d 65

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 07:49:02 EST

I wrote:
> Can you anticipate what these new BMP characters will be?
> Entire scripts or just additions to existing scripts?

Joel Rees replied:
> Hmm.
> Deseret is a script, isn't it? (although not necessarily of very broad
> application.)
> And I would say the 42,710 points for additional Han
> characters are "just"
> an addition, if probably a rather important one for the far east.

Yes, yes and yes.

But Deseret and the CJK Ideograph Extension B are both in the "Extended
Planes" (codes > 0xFFFF), and were added in version 3.1.
(I.e. they're already old stuff now :-)

What I was asking about are the new characters that will be added in the
"Basic Multilingual Plane" (codes <= 0xFFFF) with version 3.2.
(I.e. asking anticipations about the cool new stuff :-)

_ Marco

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