Re: Sanskrit Transliteration Characters

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 07:43:31 EST

Otto Stolz wrote:
> Am 2001-02-20 um 03:47 h UCT hat Krishna Desikachary geschrieben:
> > There is an internationally accepted set of extra chars that are
> > included in Roman (Latin) script to transacribe Sanskrit texts
> > in Roman script.
> Is there a list of these characters available, online?

Since you asked...
That is the basic definition of what is (was) the nearest thing to
a standard in this area.

If you want to dig the subject, the following sites are a must:
(source for the latter are in <URL:>

> Am 2001-02-20 um 04:33 h UCT hat Valeriy E. Ushakov geschrieben:
> > Yes, there are CS (classical sanskrit), CSX (CS eXtended) and now CSX+
> > 8-bit character sets for transliteration of Indic languages.
> 8-Bit encodings, and font switching, clearly is yesterdays
> technology;


> If it turns out that the required characters are indeed available
> in Unicode, I'd suggest that new texts should exploit this
> technology, particularly if you are planning to publish them
> via the WWW.

As a result, no widely available browser are able to display the
texts, because they are not able to correctly handle the overlapping
combining characters. :-(


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