Re: Implementing Complex Unicode Scripts

Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 09:57:12 EST

On 02/20/2001 08:13:08 AM "Brendan Murray/DUB/Lotus" wrote:

>It can: the OpenType specification is just that - Open. The original
>TrueType spec was created with Apple, so my guess is that at least Windows
>and MacOS can process OpenType fonts.

OpenType and TrueType are not the same: OpenType is an extension of the
TrueType spec, and Apple was not a party in the development in the OpenType
extension to TrueType. (Actually, it is at once an extension of both
TrueType and of Postscript Type 1). So, it is not a given that OpenType is
supported by the MacOS. Now, on the other hand, Apple has given indication
that they intend to provide OpenType support at some point in the MacOS.
They already can handle the use of data-fork font files, and of fonts in
the OpenType format. I don't believe that they yet support complex shaping
that is driven by OpenType tables.

- Peter

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