CJK workers, throw off you chains!

From: Kenneth Whistler (kenw@sybase.com)
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 22:24:31 EST

The Unihan.txt file for Unicode 3.1 has finally arrived!

You can go to the beta update directory location to get your


(Sorry, but ftp access is still broken. We'll have all the
data files mirrored for ftp access in the near future, but
not just yet.)

Four flavors are provided:

19602962 Feb 22 01:33 Unihan-3.1d1.beta.txt
 4784020 Feb 22 01:24 Unihan-3.1d1.beta.txt.Z
 3641489 Feb 22 01:25 Unihan-3.1d1.beta.txt.gz
 3740325 Feb 22 01:27 Unihan-3.1d1.beta.zip

Winzip (.zip) for the windoids.
Gnuzip (.gz) for the unixoids.
Unix compress/uncompress (.Z) for the gnu-impaired unixoids.

And for those of you who like your double espressos black, and
don't mind the 3 minute download on your T1 line, the
full 19602962 bytes uncompressed.

Please don't crowd the counter and yell at the server. There
are plenty of copies to go around if you queue up and wait your

Report any obvious errors to errata@unicode.org, so that
we can get them fixed before Unicode 3.1 goes final.
Don't use this as an occasion to argue about Han unification,
please -- what we are looking for here are clear data, file,
or format defects that would impair implementation use of


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