RE: [OT] What is DEL for?

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 19:00:55 EST

Otto Stolz [] wrote:

> Dear Unicoders,
> again, I have inadvertently sent a contribution to a member rather than
> to the whole list, because the Unicode list sets the Reply-to header in
> an utmost inconvenient and unexpected manner.
> Here is a copy for the list. I hope I will not mistype the address.
> I really wish that I simply could use the reply-to-sender function
> of my MUA to answer to the Unicode list.

Then the whole list might get copies of those "Out of Office" messages I invariably seem to get whenever I post to this list - and when those messages were distributed they could generate another wave of them, and so on... I've seen whole lists jammed up like this in the past.

It can also be far more embarrassing to see a reply which you only meant a single person to read distributed to the whole mailing list than it is to see a reply you meant for the whole list only going to a single recipient.

I for one prefer things the way they are. Just choose "reply all" then both the list address and the address of the author of the message you are replying to should appear - & you can delete either one of these if you like.

Or maybe you need a mail client that allows you to apply a special rule to messages that come from this list such that any reply you send to a list message defaults to the address in the To: line rather than that in the From: or Reply To: line of the original message.

- Chris

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