Re: fictional scripts revisited

From: David Starner (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:54:32 EST

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 08:11:51AM -0800, Ayers, Mike wrote:
> Besides, does anyone
> really believe that alphabetic writers would decide that they'd rather learn
> thousands of glyphs? We're getting deeply fictional here...

All it would take is some small dictator-run communist country whose
dictator wakes up one day 'realizing' that the alphabet is a tool of
the western imperalistic dogs and decreeing that an ideographic
script is the way to go. In any case, from what Chan mentioned and
one of the webpages he linked to, NEC is no more ideographic than
Hangul is - it's an alphabetic script written with many letters in
one ideographic square in a Chinese style.

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