Re: fictional scripts revisited

Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 09:31:04 EST

On 02/23/2001 02:18:46 PM Curtis Clark wrote:

>Let me be somewhat more explicit, now that I've thought about it for a
>while. IIRC there is an entire private use plane.

There are two of them, in fact.

> *Anyone* could develop a
>scheme whereby multiple private use plane codepoints could represent
>characters, in the same general fashion that surrogates represent the
>supplemental planes (if I have the current terminology right :-).

Yup. And this private convention, given two planes of PUA characters
available, could be used to map an additional 64K^2 = 4,294,967,296
characters. Have fun trying to fill up that space with definitions in one
lifetime. If you could invent 1000 characters a day (maintaining an average
of even 100 would be optimistic), it would take you a little over 11,767
years. If we try to fit it into one lifetime - let's say 65 working years,
on average that's over 66 million per year, over 181,031 per day, more than
7,542 per hour, and a little more than 2 per second.

- Peter

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