Re: fictional scripts revisited

From: Joel Rees (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 21:46:05 EST

On 2001.02.25, Christopher John Fynn responded

> Joel Rees [] wrote:
> ...
> > Maybe I'm a crackpot, but the need is there and people will use and
> > UNICODE in ways that you probably don't want to imagine. What I'm trying
> > push is building the mechanism now for dodging most of the abuse.
> ...
> Well the PUA areas are always there - pretty much for people to use and
abuse almost any way they can imagine. You could always create and maintain
another PUA registry along the lines of ConScript - but for idiosyncratic
characters etc which
> fall outside the scope of that registry.
> - Chris

And the PUA is already being fairly actively used, which means there is
already a fair amount of extant plain text that is only legible within a
specific context, and the UNICODE standard has no way of approaching it.

Joel Rees

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