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From: Patrick T. Rourke (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 23:53:51 EST

Don't know what the Unicode rules are, but the answer is no. The final
sigma form is not used if the sigma is in a medial position in the word but
at the end of the line (e.g., when it occurs at the point of hyphenation in
a hyphenated word at line end). Also, there is no reason why a consonant
other than rho should be followed by a combining diacritical mark, except
say an underdot for use in papyrological or epigraphical texts.

The upper case sigma is the same regardless of position; there is no
differentiation between upper case final sigma and upper case initial/medial

If a font uses the lunate sigma for the initial/medial form, it must use it
for the final form as well, and vice versa.

Hope that helps,
Patrick Rourke

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> From UTR 21.
> "If a mapping is marked by FINAL, use it when the character is not
> by a cased character.
> It is final when followed by a hyphen or combining diacritical mark? Can
> you have a final sigma in the middle of a word?
> Carl

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