Re: Help with Greek special casing

From: Lukas Pietsch (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 03:35:06 EST

Carl Brown asked:
> It is final when followed by a hyphen or combining diacritical mark?

Patrick Rourke answered:

> Don't know what the Unicode rules are, but the answer is no. The final
> sigma form is not used if the sigma is in a medial position in the word
> at the end of the line (e.g., when it occurs at the point of hyphenation
> a hyphenated word at line end).

Just one addition: You do get a final sigma before explicit (hard) hyphens,
i.e. u+2020 and other kinds of dashes, as opposed to (soft) line-breaking
hyphens (u+00AD).
I guess explicit hyphenation isn't likely to occur in typesetting of
Ancient Greek, but it does occur in Modern Greek, in noun compounds of the
type κράτος-μέλος.
The Unicode rules will handle this correctly, as far as I can see.


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