Re: fictional scripts revisited

Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 09:58:49 EST

On 02/25/2001 08:33:32 PM "Joel Rees" wrote:

>And the PUA is already being fairly actively used, which means there is
>already a fair amount of extant plain text that is only legible within a
>specific context, and the UNICODE standard has no way of approaching it.

Yes, Unicode does: if there is need for such text to be legible within
broad contexts, then let the people using such text propose that these
characters be added to the Standard. If for some reason their characters
are not candidates for addition (and there are valid reasons why some
things should not be added, either at this time or ever), then they can
document their PUA usage for the benefit of anybody who needs to interpret
their texts.

- Peter

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