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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 08:34:51 EST

At 03:40 -0800 2001-02-27, G. Adam Stanislav wrote:
>At 03:13 27-02-2001 EST, wrote:
>>Also, have we determined yet whether ANY existing character set standards,
>>including those designed by Slovaks or Slovak speakers, includes a separate
>>code point for "ch"?
>No character set standard was ever designed by Slovaks. However, Slovak
>linguists have always treated "ch" as a separate character. As they
>do "dz" and "dz" with caron, but those are encoded in Unicode.

No, you have always treated "ch" as a separate _letter_ of your
alphabet. There is a difference. The behaviour of your "ch" as a
letter can easily be handled by various software solutions, and has
been as long as Slovak texts have been encoded, say with ISO/IEC
8859. The encoding of your "ch" is a sequence of two characters
there, and in Unicode.

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