Re: [OT] What is DEL for?

From: Gaute B Strokkenes (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 12:09:14 EST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, wrote:

> Otto Stolz [] wrote:
>> Dear Unicoders,
>> again, I have inadvertently sent a contribution to a member rather
>> than to the whole list, because the Unicode list sets the Reply-to
>> header in an utmost inconvenient and unexpected manner.
>> Here is a copy for the list. I hope I will not mistype the address.
>> I really wish that I simply could use the reply-to-sender function
>> of my MUA to answer to the Unicode list.


> Or maybe you need a mail client that allows you to apply a special
> rule to messages that come from this list such that any reply you
> send to a list message defaults to the address in the To: line
> rather than that in the From: or Reply To: line of the original
> message.

I agree with you about the specific case of the Reply-To: header, but
I think that it might be a good idea to change the list setup in other
ways. For instance, the current setup seems to remove all
In-Reply-To: and References: headers. This is a problem since it
breaks the ability of my email program (Gnus) to do threading, for no
particularly good reason. In fact, I believe that all headers except
for a those in a particular list are removed.

Another annoyance is that no special headers are used to indicate that
the message is in fact from this mailing list, so that you have to use
the Sender: header etc. to do mail splitting, which is also annoying.

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