RE: Latin digraph characters

Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 18:28:18 EST

> The initial character of the name is transliterated as CH in
> English, TCH
> in French, TSCH in German, C or CI in Italian, C WITH CARON in the
> official Russian transliteration. It's the same character as
> the first one
> in Chajkovskij, Chekhov...

...and as TS (the S with caron) in the Finnish transliteration.
(Finnish uses S-caron and Z-caron but only to transliterate Cyrillic,
and also in certain loanwords that contain the same "shound", such as
"sakki" (s-caron tehere) for "chess") When caron is not available,
I think the allowed fallback is TSH.

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