RE: Help with Greek special casing

From: Nick Nicholas (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 03:27:03 EST

At 09:56 -0800 2001-03-01, Carl W. Brown wrote:

>It looks like the Unicode TR 21 special casing rules for the Greek final
>sigma are not quite right.
>The final sigma in modern Greek should only be used at the end of a word
>including the case where separate words are joined with hard hyphens. If it
>is followed by a character such as a combining mark or soft hyphen you must
>continue scanning to see what follows. If it is followed a letter then it
>is not final.
>A simpler test might be it see if a letter or a spacing character or hard
>hyphen is found first. If it is a letter then it is not a final sigma.

Which is what we do at the TLG with Beta code (whose S is both medial or
final); in fact, Beta code conflates hard hyphens and dashes anyway,
considering the (em) dash, without space, punctuation.

If the Unicode rules are wrong, well, I hope those that can fix them are
tuned in. :-)

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