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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 11:20:14 EST

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 06:56:04 -0800, Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:

> The standard TeX Computer Modern fonts are available in the CTAN
> archives in both Metafont and Adobe Type 1 format. The latter can be
> found in any CTAN mirror, e.g.,

Beware that at least BlueSky fonts has buggy AFMs. Appreantly the
converter was not following MF rules and it produced more then one
kerning pair (KPX) entries for some glyphs.

E.g. cmr12.afm gives:

    KPX k a -54.396
    KPX k a -27.197

which is obviously an error. Here's the

 ligtable "k": if serifs: "v": "a" kern -u#, fi\\"w": "e" kern k#,
  "a" kern k#, "o" kern k#, "c" kern k#;

Reading this is not for mere mortals, so let's examine output of
tfmtopl cmr12.tfm

In LIGTABLE we have (uwe: in pl files notation 'C x' means literal
character 'x'):

   (LABEL C k)
   (LABEL C v)
   (KRN C a R -0.054398) <--
   (LABEL C w)
   (KRN C e R -0.027199)
   (KRN C a R -0.027199) <--
   (KRN C o R -0.027199)
   (KRN C c R -0.027199)

My understanding of the Appendix F of MFbook is that ligtable program
stops on first match, so for (k,a) the correct kerning is -0.054398.
But apparently the converter was buggy. The fix is to remove all the
duplicates except first (adjusting StartKernpairs line accordingly).

Depending on the program that you feed AFMs to, this might be ok, give
you a wrong kerning or give you an error message about duplicate KPX.
Actually, that's how I found it - a user of Lout batch formatter
reported that Lout complains about BlueSky fonts.

Yes - I tried to report this problem but never heard back.

SY, Uwe

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