RE: Romanche dash

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 11:46:16 EST

Otto Stolz wrote:
> - ch for "ch" as in [en_scots] "loch",
> - sch for "sh" as in [en] "fish",
> - tsch for "ch" as in [en] "chunk".

I think that "ch" should is pronounced similar to English "ch" in Rumantsch
Ladin, unlike in German and Scottish. Consequently "s-ch" is probably like
English "s" (or "sh") followed by English "ch".

I don't know how "ch" and "tsch" differ from each other. If it is the same
as the difference between the two sounds spelled "c(i)" and "cj" in Friulian
Ladin, then they are nearly identical to non-mother tongue speakers.

My paternal grandparents are (well, the less lucky of them was) from
Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), and they tried several times to teach me the
difference between the two sounds, but in vane: they both sounded pretty
like Italian "c(i)" to my ears.

I think that the tongue touches different places in the roof of the mouth;
"c(i)" is the one more similar to Italian "c(i)" (or English "ch"), and
that's why Friulians used the familiar Italian orthography for it.

In Dolomitic Ladin, the same two sounds are "c" and "c" (c+hacek and
c+acute) in the spelling used local administrations of Trentino-Südtirol,
Italy (Ladin has an official status in some parts of that region). This
seems to suggest that the sounds should be similar to the corresponding
Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian letters.

_ Marco

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