RE: Globalization question.

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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 13:09:37 EST

I don't think there's a Globalization for Dummies book...yet :)

Seriously though, Nadine's book is considered a relatively hands on book.
The Global Development website at Microsoft does have a "Globalization Step
by Step" section (,
but as Carl just said in his mail, some more information regarding platform
and what you're trying to do would be needed before anyone could point you
anywhere else.


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>A book I use is titled 'Developing International Software for Windows 95
>NT' written by Nadine Kano. I am sure this book is now out of press, but
>can view it online at:
>Under the Books section on the Library...
>Hope this helps
>Craig Thomas

I know about this book, but I'mm looking for a more hands on book

Fady Elias

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