Problem with MSIE 5.0 for Macintosh ( known bug?)

From: thejokrishna (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 12:39:42 EST

Hi All,
        I am facing a weird problem in entering Unicode characters in a
        text box / textarea in my browser. This is with MSIE 5.0 on a Mac OS
9 machine.
                The characters are not properly encoded and end up with
        some other encoding in the Database ( Oracle 8i).
        And when the browser tries to display them back, they appear as
question marks "??".

        The IE 5.0 browser for Mac does NOT display valid Unicode characters
INSIDE a textbox.
        Is this a known bug? Has anyone faced this before?Please let me

        My Configuration:
        1: WebObjects 4.5 on a Mac OS X m/c
        2: Oracle 8i DB.
        3: MSIE 5.0 on Mac OS 9 browser.
        4: I am using UTF-8 encoding.

        I am sure that this is a browser specific issue as everything is
fine with other browsers.

Note: Where can I find browser specific issues as regards to the display
of Unicode chars?



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