RE: Font for Kurdish (Arabic Script)

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 07:22:06 EST

Lateef Sagar Shaikh wrote:
> I am making a font for Kurdish in Arabic script, and
> don't know how to handle some Kurdish characters. I am
> sending an image for detail.

Based on the glyphs you show, your mappings seem correct to me.

The vowels that you did not specify look like normal letters alif, ha', ya',
and waw, so why shouldn't they be encoded with the normal code points?

The initial form of vowels seems like the same letters preceded by a hamza
on a ya' carrier, which is probably the Kurdish way of spelling the glottal

So I would propose these encodings:

Latin Arabic Arabic Initial
a ا (U+0627) ئا (U+0626 U+0627)
e ه (U+0647) ئه (U+0626 U+0647)
ê ێ (U+06CE) ئێ (U+0626 U+06CE)
î ی (U+06CC) ئی (U+0626 U+06CC)
o ۆ (U+06C6) ئۆ (U+0626 U+06C6)
u و (U+0648) ئو (U+0626 U+0648)
û وو (U+0648 U+0648) ئوو (U+0626 U+0648 U+0648)
ç چ (U+0686)
g گ (U+06AF)
j ژ (U+0698)
ll ڵ (U+06B5)
p پ (U+067E)
rr ڕ (U+0695)
y ی (U+06CC)
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