From: Ozair Rasheed (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 01:28:05 EST

Dear all,

My name is Ozair and am from Pakistan. I have recently joined this list. I
have been involved in implementing Urdu in a project for the government of
Pakistan. The choice was Unicode, we faced many difficulties, which
included, the transportability of the joining rules between different
characters and the existence of certain ligature in Unicode. However we
overcame this aspect and implemented Urdu at database level.

I am currently observing the topics of discussion and would at a later date
add my input to it.

I would appreciate if you some (or all) of you could send me your
introductions at my personal address ( as we do not
want this forum to be cluttered with Hello Mails.

M. Ozair Rasheed

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