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From: Sam Chapman (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 10:13:50 EST


Please excuse this last question as the problem I was having was purely a
problem with the method of textural extraction.

I've been trying to create a Macro to save Unicode strings from tables as
Unicode text files with additional reserved range Unicode markers embedded,
after Peter's comment I checked the output by simply saving as encoded
Unicode files and did not encounter this problem. I'll have to look at my
macro code again, as somewhere its just plain wrong.

Thanks for the time Peter,


No, that's wrong. It's stored as 0x00BC. How did you conclude that it
stores "1/4"?

>Is there anyone out their who knows how to force word to extract the
>expected values as input and represented visually.

What do you mean by "extract"? Do you mean "export"? Or do you mean "show
me the actual Unicode scalar value for this character"?

- Peter

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