Re: fj ligature [Re: Devanagari variations]

Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 11:55:06 EST

On 03/06/2002 04:24:54 AM Herman Ranes wrote:

>There is a related problem in connection with Norwegian typography:
>Most fonts include the 'fi' and 'ffi' ligatures, but I have never
>heard of a commercial font which includes the 'fj' ligature.

That's quite a different problem. All it would take to support that in
Uniscribe/OpenType would be to add the appropriate ligature mapping in a
GSUB OpenType table; nothing needs to change in Uniscribe. But for < cons,
vow, nukta >, Uniscribe will insert U+25CC as a UI device to let the user
know that something is wrong with the data, but that's based on an
assumption that nukta can't go only go on a consonant.

To solve your problem, you just need to educate type designers of the
need. It's relatively simple to solve.

- Peter

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