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From: Eric Mader (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 17:36:22 EDT

At 09:42 AM 4/18/2002, Markus Scherer wrote:
>Doug Ewell wrote:
>>The ICU package includes a sorted Thai word list in a UTF-8 file called
>>th18057.txt. Since you may not wish to download the whole package and I
>>don't know if the Thai file is available separately, I have uploaded it
>>(for a limited time only) to:
>Note that ICU has CVS and WebCVS, so you can get any of our files separately.
>For this one:
>(ICU uses the X license. See
>We use this word list for word break iteration, for which we have APIs.

That file is used to test Thai collation; there is a separate, binary
dictionary file that's used for word breaking. The dictionary is built
using ICU4J. You can pick up the source file here:

This file is UTF-16 with a BOM at the front. There is a ^M ^J after each word.

>PS: For details about CVS for ICU see

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