PS names for glyphs corresponding to non-BMP chars

From: James H. Cloos Jr. (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 16:31:48 EDT

The latest docs I've seen indicate four hex chars in the uniXXXX names
for glyphs corresponding to BMP chars. What should be done for glyphs
corresponding to characters in the supplementary planes?

Will using five or six hex chars break any software¹ out in the wild?

Also, would setting up lig pairs such as:

C xxx ; WX 0 ; N uniD875 ; B 0 0 0 0 ; L uniDC00 uni1D400 ; L uniDC01 uni1D401 ...

(to use afm syntax) be reasonable to try to kludge surrogate support
into software that doesn't grok them natively?²


¹ Any /useful/ software, anyway. :)

² could the whole set of U+D875 U+Dxxx pairs even work in an afm?
      I don't see anything in technote 5004 about line-length limitations
      or support for a continuation escape such as (in C) "\\\n".

P.S. For the purpose of this note please presume I got the
      utf-16 surrogate pairs correct for those plane 1 characters....

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