Klez virus and forged mail from Unicode addresses

From: Sarasvati (root@unicode.org)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 13:06:58 EDT

Good Morning Troopers,

Very rarely do I step in with a warning, but this time, the worms
have gone too far. There is a virus called WORM_KLEZ.G now going
around. It picks up old addresses from client address books and
will send virus infected mail posing as someone you know. In
particular we have had several reports of such virus mail being
sent from "errata@unicode.org".

You should never receive any mail from these addresses:


These are no longer in service, and in the past have never been
addresses for orginating mail. You can safely filter or delete any
mail that appears to come from those addresses. It is certainly fake.

If anyone is interested in disinfection and further information,
please see:

Regards from your,
        -- Sarasvati

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