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Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 19:55:10 EDT

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 12:19:15PM -0400, wrote:
> My test pages don't have yet characters beyond BMP(I just
> recycled a page I made a long time ago for Korean testing) . I may later
> add them. (Tex, can I use your sample page? I'd rather put up a page
> with some content instead of just a list of characters.)

Mark 1:1 Anastodeins aiwaggeljons Iesuis Xristaus sunaus gudis. 2 Swe
gameliþ ist in Esaïin praufetau: sai ik insandja aggilu meinana faura
þus, saei gamanweþ wig þeinana faura þus. ...

You of course have to transcribe it into Gothic (my technology isn't up
to handling non-BMP characters.) The names of the characters are pretty
much obvious; e = U+10334, þ = U+10338, i = 10339, ï = U+10339 U+0308, ƕ
= U+10348, x (should be chi) = U+10347. The rest of the Gothic gospels
are available from; they
have transcrbed it into Latin-1, though. Part of it is also available
from, if you
don't mind paging through the scans.

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