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Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 16:59:10 EDT

One of the Dublin papers talks about how this is done in ICU:


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> > I would just like to know if someone could give me a tip on how to
> > structure all the unicode-information in memory?
> >
> > All the UNIDATA does contain quite a bit of information and I
can't see
> > any obvious method of which is memory-efficient and gives fast
> a) you see if there is a Unicode friendly library you can use that
> does this for you.
> b) you write a program to parse the file and extract what your
> needs. With clever data encoding you can pack most of the fields of
> UNIDATA into a very tight space. Long ago in the Unicode conference
> proceedings somebody illustrated how they used trie structures to
> efficiently
> build the lookup tables - the boring parts of the encoding space
> shorter branches than the areas where every codepoint is different
> it's neighbour.
> Geoffrey

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