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Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 02:49:23 EDT

I doubt this has been a recent topic of discussion (I haven't been able to
read any posts from the past two weeks, so I don't actually know), but from
all those who might ever come along saying they need some digraph encoded
as an atomic character, I just came across some info based on some of the
languages of Papua New Guinea that mentioned the following attested

Bw, By, Bʼ, Ch, Cw, Dz, Fw, Gb, Gh, Ghw, Gl, Gw, Hl, Hr, Hw, Hy, Jw, KW,
Kh, Kl, Kp, Kw, Ky, LL, Ld, Ll, Ly, Mb, Mbw, Mm, Mp, Mpw, Mw, My, NG, Nd,
Ndr, Ng, Ngg, Nggw, Ngw, Nj, Nk, Nkw, Nky, Nn, Nq, Nr, Nt, Nty, Ny, Nz, Pw,
Py, Qw, RR, Rr, Sh, Sw, Sy, Th, Ts, Ty, Vw, Vy, bw, by, bʼ, ch, dr N, dz,
fw, gb, gh, ghw, gl, gw, hl, hr, hw, hy, jw, kg, kh, kl, kp, kw, ky, ld,
lh, ll, lt, ly, mb, mbw, mm, mp, mpw, mw, my, nG, nb, nd, ndr, ng, ngg,
nggw, ngh, ngw, nj, nk, nkw, nky, nn, nq, nr, nt, nty, nw, ny, nz, pm, pw,
py, qw, rh, rr, sh, sw, sy, th, tn, ts, tt, ty, vw, vy, wh, yl, yn, yw, ñj,
Ŋg, Ŋq, Ŋw, ŋg, ŋq, ŋw, ʔw, ʼW, ʼk, ʼm, ʼn, ʼv, ʼw, ʼy, Ḡw, ḡw

In other words, there are *lots* of these things in use out there, and we
*really* don't want to encode each one.

- Peter

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