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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 19:02:22 EDT

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Patrick Rourke wrote:

> > Does the twenty volume Oxford
> > English Dictionary tend to be available
> > on the shelves of many public
> > libraries in other parts of the world please?

> In the US, nearly all University libraries have the standard edition, and

  A long time ago when I was a freshman, I found it in the reference
room of my school library in Korea. It was a great discovery. :-)
Since my school library is not so farmous for its collection in
non-science/engineering books ;-), I guess OED is available
at libraries of most 'decent' universities in Korea. A funny thing is
that no Korean student here other than those from my college in Korea
(who are least likely to know such things as OED ;-p) has heard about/seen
OED let alone looking it up.

> many good high school libraries (for 14-18 year-olds) have the compact
> edition (smaller typography).

  Presumably, this compact edition does not require a magnifying glass,
does it? A friend of mine bought a really really tiny one which came
with a (huge) magnifying glass when he went back to Korea because he wouldn't
be able to access the online edition for free any more.

   Jungshik Shin

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