Re: Greek Extended: question: missing glyphs?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 02:04:00 EDT

At 04:37 AM 4/30/02 +0200, Pim Rietbroek wrote:
>Am I right in thinking that this merits writing up a proposal to add these
>glyphs to the Unicode standard? I am most interested to hear the thoughts
>of the wise on this list. And if the answer is "Yes", I would appreciate
>some help in filling out the proposal form from someone experienced in
>these matters (I did check the examples available on the 'Net, but I feel
>a bit uncomfortable going "solo").

The proper way to represent these characters is via base forms from the
0370 block and combining PSILI etc.

Due to the effect of UAX#15 (Normalization) any addition of precomposed
forms (glyphs) would have no effect on data, esp. if exchanged over the web
and thus normalized.


However, it might be worthwhile to submit the gist of this letter to the
UTC with a request to document that the 'missing' combinations are expected
to occur, and to alert font vendors intending to support classical Greek to
make sure that their fonts supply these glyphs.


PS: reserved means that the code cannot be used unless it gets assigned in
the future by the UTC/WG2.

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